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Water treatment equipment supplier

This mailer has been reposted. The company may not exist, is not listed in search engines, however the details are reposted to check if it will rank for water related keywords or get relevant advertising

Beijing chun source water supply equipment co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research, production, processing, sales, wholesale one-stop service of modern high-tech enterprises, is the national water tank, water treatment equipment, environmental equipment, professional production base, with water as the carrier, with healthy drinking water, water treatment, water for our enterprise service the direction of the society, to improve people’s quality of life for the mission related to water, Serve the customer. The company introduced advanced technology production equipment, continuous product innovation and quality upgrade. Equipment includes: all kinds of energy-saving water supply equipment series: No negative pressure water supply equipment, direct drinking water supply equipment, stainless steel modular water tanks, stainless steel water tank, stainless steel cylindrical tank, galvanized steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, no negative pressure water supply equipment, ground BDF composite water tank, boiler heat preservation water tank containers such as energy-saving health, water pumps, solar hot water system, water treatment series: Swimming pool water treatment, landscape water treatment, domestic sewage treatment equipment and related construction.

Looking forward to the future, Beijing chunyuan water supply equipment co., LTD. Will continue to advance with The Times, pioneering and innovative, to be the pioneer of water supply and drainage equipment, and strive for the revitalization of the Chinese nation’s water supply and drainage equipment.

Beijing chunyuan water supply equipment co. LTD