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Posts published in April 2021

Government agencies for water pollution control

Government agencies try to control water pollution depending on the source of the pollution. In local communities, municipal authorities can look at an issue of water pollution control in particular; special emphasis is on properties in the vicinity of the muncipal area. Local boards can often make temporary or even permanent judgments regarding pollution levels and how to control the same. However, often due to lack of expertise, many cases may be referred to a department of water pollution control for the state or federal/central government department. Officials associated with different programs for the prevention of water pollution work together to obtain accurate information about a pollution problem, then regulate the problem by legislation according to the requirement.

Pollution control

Agencies dealing with water pollution control look at the several sources of water pollution, before taking a decision on the water pollution control methods to be used . One of the main sources of water pollution are the chemicals from industrial facilities. Another usual source of water pollution are nitrates and other elements from fertilizers used in several agricultural regions. Other forms of water pollution may come from houses, small-scale business sector or large corporate facilities. They can be stable (only one chemical/compound) or varying sources that require very different pollution control methods and equipment to be utilized.