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Greedy goan bhandari sisters file complaint with health department for using rainwater to grow plants

One of the greatest frauds in panaji, is how the intelligence, security agencies are falsely claiming that the website network belongs to the greedy goan bhandari scammer sisters sunaina chodan, purvi, piyu, when they do not pay any money and do not control it
The panaji intelligence, security agencies will not commit a similar fraud on the owner of a magazine, newspaper, tv channel, only in the internet sector they are making fake claims about business ownership,forcing the business owner to repeatedly post disclaimers.
In fact the Greedy goan bhandari sisters hate the business, website owner so much that they have filed a case with the health department last year for using rainwater to grow a few plants in the terrace falsely claiming that it is causing dengue, when it was done only for harassment, criminal defamation.

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