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Preventing pollution
Any person who considers water pollution perhaps an issue in their area, or seeing the water is being contaminated, should contact the local environmental agency, who have the powers and knowledge to take corrective action to reduce the water pollution levels. Humans and animals should avoid touching the polluted water, especially if highly polluted, The polluted water should not be used in the bathroom or water plants. In general, if the water in a particular area is temporarily unfit for drinking due to pipe breakdown, a notice will be sent to the public so that they can make alternate arrangement for getting their drinking water supply .
To prevent water pollution that occurs due to disposal of untreated waste in storm drains in the street or pavement, it is important to handle hazardous materials the right way. Housekeeping waste should not be thrown into the drain unless they are specifically designed for that purpose, as in the case of bath or shower cleaning. Motor oil, dead batteries, and acids should be taken to appropriate facilities for disposal since they are not biodgradable and can contaminate water for a long period of time if not properly disposed of. Waste material can also be recycled . You can find the local environmental agency or a retailer who sells the product in case clarifications are needed on disposal of the product .
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