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Pollution levels
In industrialized countries, pollution levels of water are much lower than in the third world and developing countries. This is because of better standards of governance, high-tech systems for purification of water instead of cleaning waste water disinfected with chemicals, and purify it to make it unfit for consumption. Areas that do not have these high-tech technologies may find water contaminated by animal waste entering the water supply source or chemicals escaping from the earth into underground wells. In developing and undeveloped countries, corruption and nepotism levels are very high, with top government officials often only interested in their personal gain, not the welfare of the country. Hence if the polluting company offered a bribe to the officials regulating, they will take the money and look the other way. Most of the sources of water pollution in industrialized countries occur from chemical contamination, either from the leakage of chemicals in soil or drains, or through accidental spills. Oil spills, for example, can occur in wells or water vessels and can pollute the water miles away from the location spill. Industrial plants also dump wastes into the water, although this is rare in developed countries, due to strict government regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous materials. In developing countries, pollution due to hazardous chemicals will be more common,
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